Garden Design Ideas To Give Yourself Some Quiet Time

Feeling too much stress? Do you need a place to unwind and gather your thoughts? This is one of the absolute best garden design ideas and it has the power to change your life.

Meditation Garden:

It does not matter where you live or how big your yard is. You can still reap all of the great benefits of a meditation garden. There are a variety of different meditation garden design ideas that you can use to bring peace to your day.

Here is a great design idea for a small back yard that will work anywhere. Of course the reason for having a meditation garden in the first place is to give yourself a place to sit down and meditate, or at least to think quietly and enjoy the surrounding environment. Everything that goes into your meditation garden should be connected to those ideas.

The first thing you want to think about is a nice sitting chair, bench, or swing. Maybe get in touch with your inner child by hanging a swing from an outstretched tree limb. You can also get a beautifully designed bench. Just go with whatever makes you feel best.

You can use your own personal garden design ideas to choose what you want. The next thing you want for your meditation garden is a water feature. This is great for relaxation, and it will attract peaceful little critters and flying friends to share in the beauty of your garden.

Consider a small pond or maybe even a fountain or bird bath. Another fun thing to add to your mediation garden is a Koi Pond. Any of these would be a great addition to your meditation garden. Place your water feature in an area where you can see it from your ‘sitting’ area.

Then, you will want to surround the water feature with smaller, beautiful plants of your choice. To add even more to your meditation garden, consider adding some stepping stones from your sitting area leading to your water element. That makes it much easier to walk around barefoot.

You can then use taller plants and flowers behind the smaller ones. Use your imagination and creativity when it comes to your garden design ideas. You will love having your very own place that is peaceful, beautiful and calm.