Fun Garden Design Ideas - Patio Garden

Don’t let living in an apartment keep you from enjoying a beautiful garden. If you would love to have a peaceful garden to relax in, but all you have is an apartment patio or balcony, you can still enjoy the benefits of a garden.

Turn your small patio into a beautiful mini-garden with our garden design ideas. Get started right away using these great tips.

1. Since you can’t work with width very much, work with height. Hang some beautiful flowers from an overhang or place a hook in any spot you can find. There are some incredibly beautiful ivys and flowers that are meant for hanging baskets. They will hang down and fill the space with peaceful greenery.

2. Stick a cool chair in the corner or the patio and place a flowerpot on it. Since you probably will not have room for a larger swing or seating arrangement, just find a small and simple place for you to enjoy your new garden.

You can’t go wrong with wrought iron in your garden design, this is a great choice. You can put a couple of small wrought iron chairs with a couple of small cushions and maybe a small round table with a pot on top.

3. Purchase some tall plant holders and place them at the back of the patio. These will look great filled with bright flowers and greenery. Have several in different heights, then tier them giving a full floral effect.

4. Since most great garden design ideas include a water feature, purchase a small outdoors fountain. It can be a tiny battery operated one, it doesn’t matter.It doesn’t matter if it is one you plug in or just runs on batteries. You just need one that you can place in your beautiful greenery and hear the peaceful sound of trickling water.

Creating a garden for a small space is perfectly simple. You can have a beautiful garden like the person with the beautiful ranch.